Rodent Control in Allensmore

Landcare Pest Control Record FileLandcare pest control is heading off today from its base in Abergavenny to visit a new client in Herefordshire.
The company owner located in Allensmore contacted us with concerns about a rat and mouse infestation. Following the initial site survey, we have agreed to manage their rodent control on a monthly basis. Landcare pest control will provide the client with AF Rat and Mouse baiting stations along with the appropriate rodenticide. A Landcare record folder left on site will ensure the client’s rodent control paperwork is accurate and available for any business inspection.
Our overall aim is to prevent Rodent infestations from becoming established by linking a treatment program to regular monitoring. We specialise in Rodent Control on Agricultural sites and Commercial business. Rats and Mice pose several health threats including the spread of Salmonella, E coli and the spread of Zoonotic diseases such as Wells Disease (Leptospirosis).

Landcare Pest Control will take ownership of your Rodent Control. Our services will include a tailor-made package depending on the site survey and the rodent activity. We maintain accurate records and risk assessments ensuring compliance with all Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) & further associated legislations.

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