Landcare adopts a systematic and organised approach to Rat & Mouse monitoring and control.

Before control action is taken, a FULL FREE SITE SURVEY will be undertaken by our qualified technician.

The objectives of the inspections are to:

  • Identify the species causing the problem
  • Extent of infestation
  • Size of infestation
  • Areas of activity & potential baiting points
  • Food source
  • Harbourage
  • Water source
  • History of infestation
  • Source of infestation
  • Immigration
  • Non-target hazards including human, pets and wildlife
  • Proofing defects
  • Hygiene defects

Following our survey, we will collate the findings and develop a bespoke plan, providing your business with a cost-effective vermin control programme. Every site will have a continual reassessment of the rodent infestation. This will be made throughout the duration of the treatment. A comprehensive record-keeping system is essential for effective, efficient, and safe control.

Landcare Pest Control will advise on environmental management strategies to assist in the elimination of the rodent infestation. Site hygiene and rodent proofing the buildings forms an important part of integrated pest management.

As experts in the field, we satisfy the requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH) as all products used are justified on technical grounds.

As with all pesticide use, it is necessary for businesses to have made a risk assessment of the compounds that they intend to use. Landcare Pest Control will provide all necessary paperwork required to comply with inspections.


Landcare pest control will tailor-make a package to suit the requirements of your establishment. We fully understand that each of our client requirements are unique, and will have different pest control requirements. Your Landcare technician will conduct a site survey to establish the best control and monitoring plan for your establishment.

  • Poultry Units
  • Farm businesses
  • Food manufacturing sites
  • Hotels
  • School Grounds
  • Equestrian
  • Commercial Properties and Businesses
  • Warehousing
  • Residential Care Homes
  • Residential dwellings

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